General Information

Varwin Mobile is the mobile version of the Varwin platform. You don’t need a computer to play the finished apps. Apps can be played on Oculus Quest mobile helmets or with Android mobile devices and any virtual reality glasses. Projects are still created on the computer

How does it work

  1. Install Varwin XRMS on your computer
  2. Create a project
  3. Run the project on one of the supported headsets



Mobile-ready objects and scene templates - objects and scene templates adapted for the mobile version

Mobile Client

  1. Links to Varwin by referring to the IP address of the computer with the platform installed
  2. Prompts you to select the desired project from a list of mobile projects
  3. Starts the project

Working with mobile headsets

Varwin XRMS allows you to run projects on mobile headsets. From the following sections you will learn the features of the platform working with headsets: