A zone is an invisible object in view mode that is not an obstacle. A zone is aware of all objects within it, including the player. The zone is often used as a function trigger when objects enter its zone


Zone contains object at the moment

A logic block that sends a true or false value, depending on whether the selected object is in the specified zone or not

Get the objects inside the zone object

A block that returns the list of objects that are inside at the moment

Event Object Fell In/Out for the zone

The event block triggers when the specified object enters or leaves the specified zone. The parameters include the specified object and the source, which is the selected zone with which the object interacts

Example of usage

As long as the player is in the zone, the light should be on

  • Add a light bulb and any of the zones to the scene
  • Open the Stage Logic Editor and assemble the following construction:

  • You are all set! Apply the changes and start testing in preview/review mode