To use the Illumetry IO kit, you need a license version that supports this feature and the Illumetry IO kit itself, which includes the original Illumetry devices.

For more information on the Illumetry IO licence, see the relevant article.


This type of licence assumes a Illumetry IO device system, which includes:

  • Holographic display

  • Workstation

  • Specialised goggles (1+ pcs.) and controls

Project launch

For operation in NettleDesk view mode, there are special blocks of logic for the "Player" object

Start the project in this mode with the relevant "View with Illumetry IO" button:

  • In the project start-up mode bar

  • In the drop-down menu when starting a single project scene

Simply click on "View with Illumetry IO" and the project will start in this configuration.