1. Register on Steam and install by following the installer instructions
  2. Open Steam and download SteamVR
    a. Open the Store tab and search for SteamVR
    b. Below the screenshots, click on the green Install button
    c. Wait until the download is complete
  3. Register on the Vive website
    a. In the top right-hand corner of the human icon, point to it and press Login

    b. Fill in the fields and confirm the email by entering the set of numbers that came to the email you specified when you registered
    c. Open the website to download the PC version of VIVE Business Streaming
    d. Scroll below and find the Download software button to download

    e. Install the app by following the installer prompts and run

    1 - icon means that the headset is connected to the PC 
    2 - icon indicates that the PC is connected to the Internet (currently the headset is not connected, the icon is not active)
  4. Put on the headset and set it up as standard
  5. In the headset, go to the Store tab and on the first page, from the recommended apps, open VIVE Business Streaming (if this app is not in the recommended apps, use the search)
  6. a. In the app window that opens, in the top right corner, click on the shopping trolley icon (the app is free). If you haven't done so before, you will be asked to log in before downloading the app. Use the login details you provided when you registered on the VIVE website

    b. Wait until you have finished downloading and installing the app

Running an .exe application via WiFi

  1. Make sure that the headset and PC on which you intend to run the Varwin app are on the same network
  2. Launch VIVE Business Streaming on the PC
  3. Launch SteamVR
  4. Make sure SteamVR detects your headset
  5. Put the headset on, go to the Catalogue tab and launch the VIVE Business Streaming app. If you have done everything correctly, the SteamVR waiting room will open. You can then run the .exe with the Varwin project

Running an .exe application via cable

  1. Connect the headset to the PC using the cable (works with Oculus Link) (USB debugging in the helmet settings is not required)
  2. Put the headset on. You will be shown a window with the USB mode selection. Initially, the line with VIVE Business Streaming will be inactive. Wait for 5 seconds and when it is active, select

  3. Make sure that the cable icon is lit in the VIVE Business Streaming app on the PC

  4. If done correctly, the SteamVR waiting room will open in the headset. You can then run the .exe with the Varwin project

Setting the headset sound

  1. With SteamVR running, press the three bars to the left of the window title

  2. From the menu that opens, select the Settings option
  3. Switch to the sound tab and make sure that the Audio Output Device and Audio Input Device settings use Headset