After importing the images will appear in the Desktop editor in the Resources tab. Learn more about downloading resources

The images are marked with a characteristic icon

How to add an image to the scene

  • Simply drag the image from the Resources tab to the scene

  • First, add a Picture object to the scene, then assign a picture to it

Setting up the Picture object in the scene editor

  • Image - field for selecting a resource;
  • Color - change the color tone of the image;
  • Scale - a parameter similar to the scaling, but scales the object proportionally at once
  • Reflect horizontally - reflection of image resource along the horizontal axis
  • Vertical reflection - reflection of image resource along the vertical axis
  • Rendering order - images with larger values will be rendered over images with smaller values even if they are physically further away

Supported formats: jpg, png, bmp

  • Illuminance - if marked, the image will participate in the illumination


The main interaction with the image takes place inside the built-in Blockly logic editor

The default blocks for the object are of the type variables


For all properties except image and color, the corresponding paired blocks are defined - set and get

  • Rendering order - images with large values will be rendered on top of images with smaller values, even if they are physically further away