Varwin SDK

What this is

SDK (software development kit) is a set of development tools that allows creating apps for certain program suite. Varwin SDK is a set of tools for creating content (objects, scene templates) for Varwin in the Unity development platform. In order to work with Varwin SDK, Unity ver. 2018.4.27f1 has to be installed on your PC.


Varwin SDK comes as a Unity archive file (VarwinSDK.unitypackage). The link for downloading the file is attached to the letter you received while installing the Varwin RMS.

How to install the Varwin SDK

Creating objects

Create objects for the Varwin platform on Unity. Any prefab can be used as a base for creating an object.

../_images/image96.png ../_images/image77.png

How to create Varwin objects in Unity

Object file


Created objects are packed as files with name suffix .vwo. These files can be uploaded to Varwin.

How to upload content from Unity to Varwin library

The file contains:

  • bundle - complete model of a certain game object (not including code).
  • bundle.manifest - metadata for the bundle.
  • bundle.json - technical file; contains a description of the program code and remarks on bundle file contents.
  • bundle.png - object icon. It’s displayed in Blockly and in the spawn menu.
  • install.json - file for Blockly. It is used for automatic creation of blocks for Blockly (learn more: Working with Blockly - Blocks for objects).
  • .dll files - executable fragments of the object.

Creating scene templates

Create scene templates for the Varwin platform on Unity.

../_images/image510.png ../_images/image87.png

Scene template file


Created scene templates are packed as files with name suffix .vwst. These files can be uploaded to Varwin.

Importing models

Import models FBX, obj, blend and glTF through Unity into Varwin, one by one or in bulk.

../_images/image218.png ../_images/image49.png

Specify the object’s name, weight, dimensions, whether it can be moved or used, whether it has physical properties.

Objects, scene templates versioning

Create new versions of existing objects/scene templates.

How to create versions of objects, scene templates


Bulk build of objects

Perform bulk build of all the objects you’ve created for Varwin.