A standard Varwin object that is used to customize panoramas and has the following behaviors:

After importing the panoramic image into the platform resources, it will appear in the Desktop editor on the “Resources” tab. Learn more about downloading resources


Placing the panorama on the stage

  1. Drag the Panorama object from the Library tab to the stage
  1. Select the panorama on the editor stage, in the “Inspector” field “Panorama Picture” select the necessary picture resource that you added to the resource library earlier

Setting up the “Panorama” object in the scene editor


  • Panorama image - field for selecting a resource
  • Scale - panorama scaling. Performs the function of the standard scaling
  • Panorama mode:
    • Spherical panorama
    • Cube panorama.
  • Button “Load” - loads a resource (if it is selected for this panorama) and shows it in the editor. Initially, the resources are not shown to reduce the load on your PC.
  • Button “Unload” - unloads the resource (if it is selected for this panorama) and hides it on the stage, leaving a white panorama

Player position inside

  • Lock the player inside - the function that moves and locks the user inside the sphere;
  • Arm’s length distance - this setting sets the radius of the inner invisible collider sphere, on the inner surface of which it is convenient to place interactive objects; in order to see this sphere, turn on the collider displays at the top of the editor. Use in tandem with the object Pointer beam settings, to allow the user to interact with objects farther than arm’s length
  • Off-center camera shift - shifts the player’s camera, which is located in the sphere, along the vertical axis. The value is set in meters in the format x.y
  • Button “Move camera” - moves the camera inside the panorama to its center, at the height, set by the parameter “Camera shift from the center”


The main interaction with the panorama takes place inside the built-in Blockly logic editor

The default block types for the object are as follows:

Action Blocks


This set of action blocks allows you to control the panorama and related actions and includes:

  • Teleport player - a block that moves the player to the center of the panorama
  • Load/unload image - when called, it loads or unloads the selected resource to the **Panorama* object on the stage



Contains blocks that set and return values of the following panorama attributes:

  • Block/unblock player inside the panorama - the parameter sets whether the player can or cannot move



Blocks of events that respond to resource loading or unloading for a specific panorama on the scene

  • Image loaded/unloaded - event that reacts to the loading or unloading of a resource image from the selected panorama