Teleportation Zone

A configurable teleportation zone is an object that allows the player to move around the entire area of the object. It is needed when the default scene template does not specify the areas available for teleportation



The object is translucent, so it can easily get lost on stage!

The object does not have its own logic and is not displayed during project startup

Examples of use

Create an empty scene. Place an object “Plane” on it. Imagine that this is the floor of the scene, for which, by mistake, the teleportation zone is not set


Observing the rules for creating a scene template, the developer must specify the teleportation zones himself

Turn off the Gravity and Obstacle parameters and turn on the Static parameter, so that the plane will not fall when the project starts


Read more about configuring the interactivity of the object here

Place the Transportation Zone object on the plane, save the project, and check the work done in Preview mode


If done correctly, you will be able to freely move or teleport around the teleportation area. Thus, the teleportation zone is a useful tool for the developer to perform various debugging manipulations in the scene