Varwin bot

There are two bots in the Varwin library, a boy and a girl. The bots can walk and chat


You can control bots in the logic editor


Units for motion control


Block groups:

  1. Settings
  2. Simple moving (the path is set manually)
  3. Moving to the target (automatically)
  4. Moving along the route (automatically)


Maximum angle of ascent (in degrees) - if there is an obstacle/slope in front of the bot with an angle of inclination greater than the preset one, the bot will not pass

Stop distance in front of the object - to avoid this, set at least one meter


Simple moving

Move forward/backward/left/right in steps or at a run until the bot stops, i.e. until it is stopped by the corresponding block

Turn the bot by the specified number of degrees in time

Move the bot to a fixed distance

Moving to the target

The bot will go to the target by the shortest path


Be careful with the obstacles in the way of the bot - remove them, or it will not reach!


Moving along the route

Set a more complicated route to travel


You can use invisible dots



When the bot speaks, a bubble appears above his head with the text


Bot settings in the inspector


Display spoken text - if unchecked, the text bubble will not appear. In the future bots will be able to speak with their voices, but for now it is advisable to always keep this box checked

Hide text automatically - when unchecked, the text bubble will not disappear

Blocks to control the conversation