Varwin XRMS operating modes

Varwin XRMS offers editing, preview and view modes. All modes are available both in VR and without it


Allows you to add objects to the scene and set their location, rotation and scale. In edit mode, objects are not affected by physical laws and the logic of object interaction


Switching to non-VR editing mode


  • In the preview mode, it is possible to watch each scene separately
  • Preview mode supports a quick transition back to edit mode
  • The physical laws apply to objects


The physical laws apply only to those objects that are assigned the appropriate flag when setting up an object in Desktop Editor

  • Objects participate in predefined logic, for example: under certain conditions, the display shows the specified text

Switch to non-VR preview mode


Switching to VR preview mode



  • The switch to view mode function is active if there is at least one configuration in the project (when creating a project, a standard configuration is added)
  • In the view mode, it is possible to see the entire project as it will be seen by future users
  • It is not possible to switch from view mode to edit mode
  • The laws of physics apply to objects
  • Interaction with the finished application according to the scenario provided by the creator

View mode in VR


View mode in mobile VR


View mode on Desktop