Introduction to the Varwin XRMS interface

When you launch the Varwin XRMS, the following window will open


Top panel


The following functions are available to you in the top panel:

  • Background tasks
  • Help:
    • Knowledge base
    • Support
  • User Preferences

Background tasks


Opens a modal window with current background tasks, such as downloading a package, installing files, exporting a project, etc


The “Background Tasks” button will not appear until you do one of the above.



In the “Settings” window, you can:

  • Change the language of the program
  • Set folder selection on each export
  • Set the default file export path


In the marketplace, the user can add various sets of objects of various subjects to his library, for example:

  • Visual effects
  • Simple objects
  • Megapolis
  • Middle Ages
  • House
  • Astronomy
  • Anatomy

For more information about the package, click on it



In the “License” section, you can find information about the current license