Create your first project

Create a project

Launch the Varwin XRMS. Open the “Projects” section. Click “Add Project”. Give it a name, then click “Add”.


Your project has appeared in the list. The structure of the new project is immediately opened automatically


For more details, read the article “Creating a project”

Scene creation

At this moment there are no scenes in our first project. Click “Add Scene”. Give it a name and select a scene template - the location where the objects will be placed


You have created a project with one scene. The scene currently does not contain objects and logic, but the project is already ready for viewing and assembly


For more details, read the article “Creating a scene”

Scene editing

The scene is ready for editing. Before creating logic, you need to add objects to the scene

Switch to “PC Editing mode”


The scene editor will open. Drag a simple button and light bulb from the library onto the stage


Click save and close or minimize the editing window



You can read more about scene editing in the corresponding article

Creation of logic

The scene is ready for creation of a scenario in Blockly

On the project page, click on the puzzle icon


The Blockly logic editor will open

Select “Objects” - “Simple button” from the left menu. You will see the available logical blocks for the button. Drag the event block into the workspace


Select “Objects” - “Simple light bulb” from the left menu. You will see the available logic blocks for the light bulb. Drag the second block from the “Action” section into the workspace


Place the green “Actions” block inside the purple “Events” block. This design literally says the following: “When you press a simple button, turn on a simple lightbulb”


Click “Apply”, wait until the changes are saved


You can read more about editing logic in the corresponding article


Test the written logic in view or preview mode


The preview and editing mode can be accessed from the Blockly logic editor


Press the button and the light will turn on, everything is working!

Project build

The project is ready to build

Click “Build Project”. Wait for the build process to complete

Your project will have an .exe extension and will not require the Varwin RMS application to run


In the assembled project, you can switch to VR mode and back by pressing Esc