A set of blocks that allow you to work with text


Plain text


Multiline text


Cast to string

Creates text from a number, for example




Create text from

Concatenates multiple lines. Numeric values ​​will be automatically cast to the string


Append text to line

Appends the specified text to another numeric or text value/character



Returns the number of characters in a string. This example returns three characters


Check if string is empty

Returns “true” or “false”, so it is used with logical blocks


Convert text to


Remove spaces


Take a letter in a text

Returns the letter at the specified position. #1 is the first element


Find text within text

Returns the position number of the first/last element of the occurrence of the first text in the second. Returns 0 if the text is not found. #1 is the first element


Take a substring

Returns the specified portion of text. #1 is the first element