A set of blocks that allow you to work with lists. A list is a collection of variables of any type


Creating lists

Create a variable to hold the list. By default, Varwin XRMS already has a “list” variable created

Create an empty list


Creating a List from Items


You can edit the number of elements in this block


Creating a List of Identical Items


List operations

Gets, gets and remove, remove list item

Gets, gets and removes or simply removes an item at a specified list position


Assign value to element/insert element

Assigns a value to an element or inserts an element at the specified list position


Get the length of the list


Checking if the list is empty

Returns “true” or “false”, so it is used with logical blocks


Find element

Returns the position number of the first/last occurrence of an element in a list. Returns 0 if the element is not found


Take Sublist

Returns a copy of the specified part of the list


List of scene objects

Returns a list of all available objects in the scene