Varwin XRMS

What is it

Varwin XRMS is completely installed on a PC and is a standalone environment for creating, editing and running VR projects. The solution allows you to quickly and easily create a project in virtual reality without programming skills, and then manage and maintain it on your own company, without involving third-party developers. The boxed solution includes the Varwin XRMS* application with a built-in VR client, a library of ready-made content (Marketplace) and the Varwin SDK. Each of these modules cannot be used in isolation from the others.

Platform components

* 3D&VR Reality Management System (XRMS)

Reality Management System (RMS) is an XR content management system, which is an electron application that implements a UI for creating projects. It can also be used to upload content to Varwin, manage user settings, and switch between other platform modules.

Varwin SDK

The Varwin user can not only manage the library, but also create his own objects and scene templates. This will require:
  • Install the Unity development platform version 2021.3.0
  • Install the Varwin SDK, a dedicated development tool for the Varwin XRMS
Now you can create objects and scene templates for the Varwin XRMS:
  • On your own (if you have skills in working with Unity)
  • By any developer familiar with Unity (over 4 million developers worldwide)


You can read more about Varwin SDK in the corresponding article

VR Client

VR Client is an application developed on Unity that allows you to play and create projects on PC in 3D and VR mode, on wireless VR headsets, as well as on mobile devices.


Market place is a library of ready-made content available to every user after installing the platform. It includes objects, scene templates, a package of geometric primitives, as well as a number of auxiliary objects for fine-tuning user projects. Objects can be immediately placed on the stage in the VR Client module and create logical scenarios with them.