Working with content

Varwin RMS allows users to import and export content

Content types

Content means:


Objects and scene templates for Varwin are created by Unity developers. Projects can only be created in Varwin

Varwin packages

Packages can contain an arbitrary set of the above-mentioned files

Usually, theme packs are released containing objects and scene templates (and sometimes test projects), such as: astronomy, anatomy, city, etc


Project metadata

Project - the full project, including files of objects and scene templates

Project metadata - the structure of the project, excluding object files and scene templates


We recommend exporting the full project. Export project metadata is for advanced users

What does project metadata include:

  • Author
  • License
  • Launch configuration
  • List of scenes and objects
  • Location of objects on the stage
  • Versions of objects and scene templates
  • Logic in blocks
  • Tags

Therefore, in order to correctly import metadata, the recipient must have all the necessary objects and scene templates


Resources are files that are not specific to the Varwin XRMS


It is currently possible to upload images, sounds, videos, 3D models and audio files

Acceptable formats:

Images Sounds Videos 3D models *
jpg png bmp wav mp4 fbx obj dae glb gltf


* The size of all textures of the model must be a multiple of 4, for example 4x4 pixels, 372x372, 1024x1024 and so on. Otherwise, placing the model on the scene may cause errors and incorrect operation of the project