Installing the Varwin mobile client

This section describes how to install the Varwin Mobile Client, a mobile headset application that allows you to work with the Varwin platform.


  1. Download the mobile client Varwin Quest Client to your computer;
  2. Go to SideQuest website and download SideQuest by selecting the appropriate OS;
  1. Install the downloaded software by following the installer’s prompts;
  2. Connect the headset with USB cable to your computer and start SideQuest. You will see a message that you need to allow access to the headset’s file system;
  1. Put the headset on and select “File Transfer” in the window that appears;
  1. Remove the headset, in the SideQuest window click on the APK file download button and select the APK file you downloaded earlier;
  1. Wait for the installation to finish, put on your headset and go to “Applications” -> “All” -> “Unknown sources” and run the application “com.varwin.mobilevr”.