Desktop Editor interface

Desktop editor interface is divided into 4 work areas:

  1. Tool panel
  2. Scene
  3. Tabs Library, Objects, Resources
  4. Inspector

Tool panel

  1. Save - ctrl + s
  2. Undo action - ctrl + z
  3. Redo action - ctrl + y
  4. Copy - ctrl + c
  5. Paste - ctrl + v
  6. Move camera - Q
  7. Move object - W
  8. Rotate object - E
  9. Scale object - R

Tool handle rotation toggler


If the switch is in “Local” mode, the object rotates and moves around its own axis. If the switch is in the “World” mode, the object rotates and moves around the xyz axes in the scene coordinate system.

Tool handle position toggler - Z


If the toggler is in the “Pivot” mode, the object rotates and moves around a specific point that was set by the developer of the object. If the toggler is in the “Center” position, the object rotates and moves around its geometric center.

Collider Visualization mode


Colliders are hidden by default. If the switch is in the “Edges” mode, the scene begins to display all colliders edges on scene.


If the switch is in the “Solid” mode, colliders faces of scene and objects display.


Switching to preview mode

  1. Preview ib VR;
  2. Preview on Desktop.


There is a perspective switch In the upper right corner. It controls the transition from standard perspective to orthographic projection.


Left Side Menu Sections


Use search.


A library of objects available for placement in the scene.



All objects placed in the scene, which are organized in a hierarchical structure. Read more about working with hirarchy



Library of available resources. At the moment, resources are images, audio, video and 3D models. Resources can be used as independent objects, as well as properties of ready-made objects.



The inspector displays information about a selected object or group of objects.

The basic inspector for all objects includes:

  • Name, Id, type of an object;
  • Activation/deactivation switcher.


Hides the object from the scene, but does not exclude its participation in the logic

  • Parameters: position, rotation and scale;
  • Enabling / disabling the use of an object in the Blockly logic;
  • Locking hierarchy in play mode (Read more about working with hierarchy);
  • Resolution of object selection from the scene;


If disabled, the selection of an object from the scene is disabled and it can only be selected in the object hierarchy.

  • Delete action.


You can also use Delete button on your keyboard Read more about hotkeys


Some objects may have predefined properties.