Desktop editor hotkeys

Abbreviations: LMB - left mouse button. RMB - right mouse button. MMB - middle mouse button.

Camera controls

Action Hotkeys Alternative
Zoom Mouse wheel ALT + RMB
Rotate RMB ALT + LMB
Fly RMB + W/A/S/D/Q/E Double-click on object in the hierarchy
Focus on object F  
Rotation around object ALT + LMB*  
  • Camera must be focused on object (F)

Objects selection

If you select an object on a scene, it will be selected in the hierarchy, and vice versa.

Action On a scene In the hierarchy
Single object LMB ЛКМ
Group of objects LMB* SHIFT
Add to selection CTRL CTRL
Exclude from selection CTRL CTRL
Move selector   up/down arrows
Expand selection   SHIFT + up/down arrows
All objects CTRL + A CTRL + A

* Box selection

Tools for working with objects

Action Hotkeys
Hand tool Q
Move tool W*
Rotate tool E*
Scale tool R*
Switch tool handle rotation X
Switch tool handle position Z
Vertex snapping V
Plane snapping CTRL + SHIFT
  • If you use tools with CTRL held down, the position of an object will change discretely: moving by 0.5 units, rotating by 15 degrees, scaling by 0.05 units.

Common actions

Action Hotkeys
Save scene CTRL + S
Copy CTRL + C
Paste CTRL + V
Duplicate CTRL + D
Delete DEL
Console ~