A set of universal blocks working with Varwin object rendering. You can set up object rendering both in the 3D scene editing mode and in the Blockly logic editor


  • Texture - an image resource that can be superimposed on top of the main image, if necessary
  • Color - change the color tone of the image
  • Shadow cast - a parameter that sets the object to cast a shadow if there is a light source on the scene. There are 4 types of customizable shadow:Disabled - turns off casting shadows on the objectEnabled - enables casting of a shadow by an object in the standard sense of the effect, i.e. it is cast aside from the light sourceBilateral - means that one-sided objects, such as a plane or a quadrilateral, can cast shadows even if the light source is behind the object.Shadows only - switches off rendering of the image itself and leaves only the shadows that are cast

  • Display shadows of other objects - display shadows cast by other objects on the object “Image”
  • Display unlit material - turns on the parameter to exclude the image from the illumination
  • Metallicity - makes the object’s surface look like a metallic sheen. The parameter’s values are set from 0 to 2
  • Smoothness - makes the surface of the object more reflective. The parameter’s values can be set from 0 to 1
  • Tiling texture - increases the amount of repetition of the image, in the limits of the objects:along X - along the horizontal X axisalong Y - along vertical Y axis

  • Texture displacement - shifts the texture, moving the displaced fragment to the beginning of the texture.along the X axis - along the horizontal X axisalong Y - along the vertical Y axis



  1. Finish/Pause/Resume color change - controls any color change. A paused color change can be continued with the corresponding block
  2. Object change color to Color for N sec. - triggers object color change to the selected one for the specified time. If you use the block with an object that has textures, the block will give it the selected shade
  3. Object change color - instantly changes the color of the object to the selected one. When you use the block with an object that has textures, the block will give it the selected shade


  1. Object is currently changing color - returns “true” if the specified object is currently changing color. Otherwise it returns “false”
  2. Get color from Object - returns color of the specified object as a color block