Modules in Blockly

The module is an additional, for the main, workspace in which blocks are placed. They are created for the convenience of implementing the code when the number of blocks becomes too much. Name the modules whatever you like. You don’t have to worry about connecting modules and communicating with each other. All modules of one scene work as a whole


In the “Sci-fi test world” test project that comes with installation of Varwin XRMS, there are too many blocks for ease of perception on one screen - you have to constantly scroll the page. The second block of code is easy to move into a separate module. To do this, click on the icon for creating a new module

Enter a name for the new module

Cut the second block (CTRL + X) from the main module and paste it into the new module (CTRL + V)

Apply the changes. The project logic will work as usual

You can rename and remove modules